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Alfa Pendular trains boast amazing onboard amenities, providing everything you need for a comfortable ride, regardless of whether you choose Conforto or Turistica class for the journey. So, if that's the case, what's the difference between them and what are the pros and cons you should consider before buying your Alfa Pendular railway tickets? 
In this section, you can find the basic information about the Alfa Pendular travel classes (spoiler: both are great options, so it's pretty much impossible to make the wrong choice), as well as a train seat map of each class. Hopefully, it will help to plan your trip and decide does Conforto or Turistica class work better with your travel plans. ​

Alfa Pendular: Comfort Class

Impeccable service, spacious cabins, cushy seats, power sockets, and an opportunity to enjoy the first-class lounge at the Oriente station... Sounds good, right? You can find out more about the pros of first-class Alfa Pendular travel here.

Alfa Pendular: Tourist Class

The turistica-class train tickets are a great value for money, providing comfortable seats with generous legroom, armrests, spacious luggage space, and big windows, perfect for admiring the spectacular views during the journey.

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