​Enjoy a scenic train ride from Braga to Lisbon through the beautiful countryside of Portugal. While on this trip, you will see some of the most beautiful landmarks in the country! See the Braga to Lisbon train schedule, ticket prices, train classes, and a rail map for more information about this trip.

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Braga - Lisbon Train: Distance, Travel Time, Train Tickets, etc.

Did you know that the wonderful city of Braga was chosen as Europe's second-best holiday destination in 2019? Boasting numerous lovely churches and alluring old streets, charming Braga is known as Portuguese Rome and is a favored destination for a day-trip from Lisbon for tourists and locals alike.
The fastest and most comfortable way to get back from Braga to the lively capital of the country is taking a high-speed Alfa Pendular train, boasting light and spacious cars, fast travel times, and amazing onboard amenities. Just keep in mind that the tickets get sold-out fast and it's better to book them with Rail Ninja in advance.

Plus, Braga to Lisbon railway route is very scenic, passing dozens of jaw-dropping valleys and planes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views of Portuguese nature, as a fast and modern train takes you through the countryside.

Braga to Lisbon Train Schedule

Daily departures

Daily departures

Price starts from

Price starts from

Route map

Distance on a Train:

389 km

Journey Time

 3 hours​

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What to Know About Train Travel From Braga to Lisbon

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