​These modern marvels allow passengers to travel from Loule to Lisbon in less than three hours. This route has some of the most beautiful scenery. Thus, a train trip from Loule to Lisbon is an ideal way to appreciate Portugal's beauty. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance because they sell out quickly.

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Loule - Lisbon Train: Distance, Map, Travel Time, Ticket Prices, etc.

Among the top choices for traveling from Loule to Lisbon is taking a fast and modern train. All high-speed trains running between the cities were designed to offer the passengers everything they might need for a pleasant journey, including several travel classes to choose from, fast travel times (the journey takes about 3 hours), and an extensive timetable with up to 5 daily departures. Fantastic onboard amenities are also at your service during the ride.
The trains from Loule to Lisbon boast light and spacious carriages, equipped with cushy seats, and offer plenty of legroom and generous luggage space. Big panoramic windows are perfect for admiring the spectacular views along the way. Another reason to opt for a train ride from Loule to Lisbon is that the train stations are located close to the city centers and are conveniently accessible by public transport, making it very easy to get around.

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Loule to Lisbon Train Schedule

Daily departures

Daily departures

Price starts from

Price starts from

Route Map

Distance on a Train:

200 km

Journey Time

 3 hours​

Loule to Lisbon Train Station

Departing from

Loule Railway Station
8100-321 Loulé, Portugal, Loule, Portugal
Oriente station
​Address: Av. Dom João II, 1990, Lisbon, Portugal​

Loule to Lisbon Train Map

Traveling by train from Loule to Lisbon can give you an unforgettable experience throughout Portugal. During the trip, passengers won't have to change at any point, and the trip will last on average three hours.

In addition, the Loule to Lisbon train route has a comprehensive timetable. Thus, you can easily pick the time that suits you the best and make the most out of your trip. ​

Tips to Buy Train Tickets:

  • Book in Advance

Generally, cheap train tickets are released by train operators prior to the journey. A typical timetable is usually announced around 12 weeks in advance, since a particular day's schedule is normally established 12 weeks in advance.

  • Be Flexible

Check different dates and times for cheaper train tickets. Different dates and times may still offer a greater selection of discounted tickets, so keep an eye out.

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What to Know About Train Travel From Loule to Lisbon

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