​A train ride from Lisbon to Coimbra offers breathtaking views. Therefore, if you're looking for a train route with amazing views and a magical ride, book this one. You can find the ticket price and more information below. Start your journey now!

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Lisbon - Coimbra Train: Distance, Travel Time, Train Tickets, etc.

Taking a high-speed train from Lisbon to Coimbra is among the smartest ways to travel between the cities. And it's not difficult to see why. Although Lisbon to Coimbra train tickets cost a bit more than taking a bus, Alfa Pendular trains guarantee traveling in comfort and provide fantastic amenities, including seats with tables and armrests, ample luggage space, generous legroom, and complimentary Wi-Fi.
Still not convinced? Here is another reason to opt for a train ride: Lisbon to Coimbra train timetable is very extensive and offers up to 18 departures every day, making planning an Alfa Pendular railway trip as easy as ABC. Especially, if you book your train tickets with Rail Ninja.

​Plus, these high-end trains are famous for their punctuality, so you can rest assured that your trip will go without a hitch.

Lisbon to Coimbra Train Schedule

Daily departures

Daily departures

Price starts from

Price starts from

Route Map

Distance on a Train:

217 km (198 mi)

Journey Time

 3 hours​

Lisbon to Coimbra Train Station

Oriente station
​Address: Av. Dom João II, 1990, Lisbon, Portugal​
Coimbra Train station
Address: Coimbra-B, Coimbra, Portugal

Lisbon to Coimbra Train Map

​​​​By booking a train ticket from Lisbon to Coimbra, you can enjoy a memorable trip around Portugal. During the journey, passengers won't have to change at any point, and the journey takes an average of 1 and a half hours.

Tips to Buy Train Tickets:

  • Book in Advance

Generally, cheap train tickets are released by train operators prior to the journey. A typical timetable is usually announced around 12 weeks in advance, since a particular day's schedule is normally established 12 weeks in advance.

  • Be Flexible

Check different dates and times for cheaper train tickets. Different dates and times may still offer a greater selection of discounted tickets, so keep an eye out.

Alfa Pendular Train Tickets

What to Know About Train Travel From Lisbon to Coimbra

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