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Lisbon - Braga Train: Distance, Travel Time, Train Tickets, etc.

Considering that amazing Braga was voted the second-best travel destination in Europe, it's no surprise that this marvelous city can be found on Portugal travel bucket lists of most travelers. And, conveniently, this charming city makes a wonderful day-trip destination from the striking capital of Portugal, the breathtaking city of Lisbon.
Although the distance between the cities is rather impressive, a high-speed Alfa Pendular train can cover it a bit under 3 and a half hours. What is more, the Lisbon to Braga trains offer fantastic onboard amenities, including comfortable and spacious seats with tables, big windows, generous luggage space, plenty of legroom, nice onboard cafe, and even complimentary Wi-Fi!

For your convenience, below we've gathered some useful information about the Lisbon - Braga railway. Already ready to book the train tickets? On Rail Ninja you can book a ticket for any train in Portugal in a matter of a couple of mouse clicks!

Lisbon to Braga Train Schedule

Daily departures

Daily departures

Price starts from

Price starts from

Route map

Distance on a Train:

389 km

Journey Time

 3 hours​

Alfa Pendular Train Tickets

What to Know About Train Travel From Lisbon to Braga

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