​Experience breathtaking views on the Porto to Albufeira train. Therefore, if you are interested in taking a train ride accompanied by magnificent views, make sure that you book this route. In addition, you can view the train timetable and ticket prices below. Start your journey now!

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Porto - Albufeira Train: Distance, Travel Time, Train Tickets, etc.

Alfa Pendular trains will take you from Porto to Albufeira with unparalleled comfort! There is no doubt that the fastest (and most scenic) way to travel around Portugal is by high-speed train.
Trains are a good choice since their availability is not dependent upon traffic conditions, like buses are. Trains are less time-consuming than airplanes, since they require no check-in or waiting at the airport. There are convenient schedules for Alfa Pendular trains from Porto to Albufeira, and you can reach Albufeira in under 6 hours. Aside from its comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi, and plenty of legroom, it comes with everything you need for a comfortable ride.

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Porto to Albufeira Train Schedule

Daily departures

Daily departures

Price starts from

Price starts from

Route map

Distance on a Train:

589 km

Journey Time

 5 hours​

Alfa Pendular Train Tickets

What to Know About Train Travel From Porto to Albufeira

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