​ Aveiro to Porto train offers breathtaking views you won't forget. Hence, if you are looking for a marvelous train ride with captivating landscapes, make sure to book this route. Moreover, you can check the train timetable and tickets costs below. Start your journey now!

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Aveiro - Porto Train: Distance, Map, Travel Time, Ticket Prices, etc.

The charming city of Aveiro, widely known as Portuguese Venice due to its scenic water canals and beautiful traditional boats, is nestled within an hour ride from lively Porto, making it a great destination for a day-trip from the city. And there is no better choice for Aveiro - Porto connection than a fast and comfortable train, running between the city centers.
What is more, any train that serves the Aveiro to Porto rail route provides everything you need for a worry-free ride, boasts fast travel times (from 30 minutes to an hour depending on a train you prefer for the trip), and offers several daily departures!

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Aveiro to Porto Train Schedule

Daily departures

Daily departures

Price starts from

Price starts from

Route Map

Distance on a Train:

60 km

Journey Time

 1 hours​

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What to Know About Train Travel From Aveiro to Porto

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